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Becky Morgan's, 9-11 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin Tel: 01 662 4163 ****

What's with the Irish vogue – a trend going back centuries, in fact – for naming pubs after ladies? Does it happen in other countries? Where do the names come from anyway?

In the case of Becky Morgan's, the provenance seems unusually murky. We are willing to be corrected but it seem unlikely the bar – across the road from uber-hipster 3FE coffee house – is a tankard-clinking homage to professional golfer Becky Morgan or the former California state senator.

Bordering the 'Googletown' complex at Grand Canal Dock and a crumpled up expenses account throw away from NAMA headquarters, the modestly appointed establishment is, as you'd expect, popular with the after-work set, or at least, that percentage of the after-work set too old and attached to their suits to mix it with the cooler lot who tend to socialise around Grand Canal Square.

Outside and in, it's a straight-up traditional Dublin pub, with stressed wood furnishing, wide windows, and solid range of taps.

There are a few concessions to modern style, such as the low-hanging lights over the bar. Mostly however, Becky Morgan's is a case of what you see is what you get – and what you see is a Liffeyside watering hole straight out of the playbook.

Still, if you've had to endure the MacBook toting po-facedness of the barista love-in across the road – don't judge me because I like flavoured mochas! – the spit and sawdust actually comes as something of a blessed relief.

In the glass: Pint of stout €4.50, pint of lager €4.80

At the bar: Men in suits

On the stereo: Meatloaf (?)

And? Fifteen minutes from Lansdowne Road, Becky Morgan's is useful for a quiet pre or after-game sup.

Ed Power


Irish Independent