Friday 22 November 2019

Are curved beer glasses to blame for our binge drinking? Newsdesk Newsdesk

Research has shown that drinking from a glass with a curved edge encourages faster drinking.

To carry out the study, 150 men and women were brought to three pubs over two weekends to compare how the shape of the vessel affected how much alcohol was consumed.

Young people with a beer in a restaurant
Young people with a beer in a restaurant

Researchers found that those who enjoyed their drink of choice from a curved glass found it harder to tell how quickly their drink was going down.

Those who drank from a straight glass were able to track their intake more effectively.

Bar owners reported that those who drank from straight sided glasses ordered 24 percent less than those who used curved glasses.

Researches also learned that when a glass bore measurement markings on the side, punters significantly slowed down the speed at which they drank.

When a measurement marking was visible, customers took an average of 10.3 minutes to finish a drink. When no measurements were on the glass, people polished off their beverage in 9.1 minutes.

David Troy, one of the researchers from Bristol University who carried out the study, is adamant that it's more difficult to tell how much we are drinking when a curved glass is used.

However, he understands that it would be impractical for businesses to ban them altogether.

He suggests that all curved glasses instead carry volume measurements as that would "help people slow down a bit".

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