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A taste for life... Gina Daly

The cookbook author and former liver lover tells us what's always in her kitchen: herself, and 'at least three other hungry people'


Gina Daly

Gina Daly

Gina Daly

What was your favourite childhood meal?

My mam's mince and onions - we'd always have it on the same day every week, and I still remember the smell.

What is the meal you will always remember?

The meal we had in the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Karol and I were on our honeymoon. The views, the atmosphere and the food were incredible, and we had such a laugh that night. Great memories.

What was your defining food experience?

I used to eat liver all the time as a child, and I loved it. One day I asked my mam what liver was made of. And she told me. She said, 'It's made of liver, like, it's a liver!' Well, I almost passed out! Never touched it again.

What's the first dish you ever cooked?

The first thing I ever made by myself was an omelette. My mam used to let me make them when I was younger and I thought I was deadly. I ended up making so many, I turned myself off them.

What is your comfort food?

A big bowl of stew or a home-made chicken curry. There's nothing like it.

What is your hangover cure?

Salt and vinegar crisps and a can of Coke.

What do you drink?

That's a very broad question; what don't I drink would probably be easier to answer! I love red wine with a meal, especially if it involves red meat. White wine if I'm out having a meal with friends, as I usually just go with the flow; and if there's a sesh, then I drink beer. I love a gin, and a cheeky cocktail too. The list goes on!

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be?

Mushy peas, Chinese food, and bread.

What is the most appetising smell in the world?

The smell of onions frying brings me back to my childhood. I used to play golf with my dad. Coming back to the clubhouse, there was always a smell of onions frying from the restaurant. I'll never forget how hungry it used to make me!

How important is food to you?

Very. Our kitchen is the hub of our home. It's the place we all come together as a family each day. We love making dinner a family event and at the end of every day with all sit down together and enjoy eating what we have made. Same with friends and family - sitting around a table together eating and chatting, it's good for the soul.

What's always in your kitchen?

Myself, along with at least three other hungry people. The cornerstone of my kitchen is the airfryer, it doesn't even get put away as we use it multiple times a day. Food-wise, my spice and sauce press contains my staples. I can make anything with a good stock of cupboard essentials.

What do you refuse to eat?

Seafood. I really wish I loved it, but I just can't get into it. I'll eat cod and prawns and recently had soft shell crab, but any really fishy fish... I just can't.

What's your signature dish?

Beef/chicken satay - it's on page 10 of my book. It's incredible.

'The Daly Dish' is available to order online on easons.com and dubraybooks.ie for €19.99

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