Monday 27 January 2020

A creamy dairy-free delight

Aoife Barry

When you think of summer foods, ice cream will always come to mind. We all have memories of slurping down melting cones at the beach and ending up with more of it on our faces than in our bellies.

Unfortunately for some people, a lactose intolerance means they can't enjoy ice cream. Because they are deficient in lactase -- an enzyme released from the small intestine that is needed to break down lactose (the sugar in milk) -- eating dairy products can lead to an upset stomach and bloating.

While some people can tolerate yogurt or butter, ice cream and cream can bring on the worst symptoms.

Thankfully all is not lost, as there are now dairy-free and vegan ice-cream selections. One of the easiest to find is Swedish Glace, and I was recently sent some samples to try.

I was a little unsure as to how it would measure up, but the good news is that it was a hit, even with my friends who love dairy ice cream -- they told me they couldn't tell the difference at all.

While Swedish Glace is available in a number of flavours, my favourite was the vanilla, which is comparable to the luxury ice creams I used to eat.

While Swedish Glace is dairy, gluten and cholesterol-free, it isn't fat-free, and, like any good ice cream (dairy or not), contains sugar. So I wanted to see if I could add a bit of nutrition to this snack, and decided to make a fruity parfait.

An American-style parfait consists of layers of different ingredients of varying textures, so here I have used fresh fruit and oats. Feel free to play around with this recipe as you wish -- try different fruits, or use granola instead of toasted oats.

It's a lovely easy recipe that is as fun to put together as it is to eat!

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