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Your Stories: #GorgeousGrandmaDay celebrates Gorgeous Grannies around the world

Sent in by Khiara via Snapchat (
Sent in by Khiara via Snapchat (

Clare Cullen

#GorgeousGrandmaDay is all about celebrating the Gorgeous Grannies around the world - and Irish grandchildren have stepped up to the plate and sent in some really heartwarming stories about their Irish grannies.

Cora Dunne

Sent in by Dearbhla Connolly.

'This is my Grandmother Cora Dunne who was born the same day and same year as Tina Turner :-) She is a Mother to 8 boys and 2 Girls and Grandmother/Great-Grandmother to over 30!

She is possibly the biggest Dubs fan you could ever come across and NEVER missed a game until she got sick!!

Dearbhla Connolly.jpg

Herself and my Grandfather retired to Ballyduff in Co.Kerry from Tallaght Village 10 years ago, and it is possibly the only house in Kerry you will see painted in the dublin colours with dublin flags hanging out of it !

Unfortunately my nan has been very sick the last 12 months and has spent an awful lot of time in hospital due to some very serious problems.

My Grandmother is one of the strongest funniest characters you could ever come across and she raised 10 children by herself along with most of her grandchildren! she deserves a medal for the life shes had and i love her to bits xxx xxxx'


'Nanny B'

Sent in by Sean Ruane

'My name is Sean and I live in Australia, I have done for the last 7 years.

My very sweet nanny is my godmother "Nanny B" as she is known by her family and friends.

Sean 1.jpeg

At 91 years of age she defies doctors and medicine as she still smokes and enjoys a glass or two of wine on occasion.

I recently visited her in her hometown of foxford (co. Mayo) and she was delighted to see me after not being home for 2 years. She told me she had just bought a new scooter to get her to and from Mass every Sunday. My aunty Geraldine bought her L plates for all the other road users to give way!!

Sean 2.jpeg

She didn't miss one game in the World Cup. She supports Argentina as the founder of the Argentinian navy is from foxford(admiral William Browne) but unfortunately they never won!

Sean 3.jpeg


I am basically writing this email to say that I have one of the best nannies ever and she deserves credit for being an amazing woman.

Kind regards from Queensland Australia!'


'Nanny Maureen'

Sent in by Sarah Culleton

This is my glamorous Nanny Maureen McEvoy. She is a lady in every aspect possible. I am the eldest of her 10 grandchildren and miss her so much as I live in Qatar at the moment. She has been the best support for nearly 30 years and is still as active as ever, always on the go and in high demand for babysitting duties and style advice which she does without question when needed. I can only hope I will be as graceful as the two generations in front on me.

Sarah Culleton1.jpg

The above picture is Nanny and I at the Tramore Races last August and below is Nanny & her husband  Paddy McEvoy on their wedding day 54 years ago.

Sarah 2.jpg


Nanny Victory

Sent in by Michelle Victory

'Here is a picture of my Nanny, Margaret Victory. This photo was taken last July when Nan turned 96. Sadly Nanny passed away on June 15th last. It would've been her 97th birthday tomorrow.

An amazing, beautiful lady who will always be missed.



Granny Nic Aogáin

Sent in by Niamh Nic Aogáin

'This is my gorgeous grandma! She is so dedicated to her grandchildren. We have all been minded by Granny through the years. At 80years old she is still minding a 5month old and 5 year old every day and absolutely loves it!! She says it keeps her young!!'

Niamh Nic Aogáin.png


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