Tuesday 21 November 2017

‘You are not entitled to be called a human being’ – Irish Mum hits out at reckless hit and run driver who ran over beloved dog

Sorskay died after he was hit by a driver in Dundalk last week.
Sorskay died after he was hit by a driver in Dundalk last week.
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An Irish mum has hit out at a cowardly driver who fled the scene after hitting her beloved family dog, leaving her teenage daughter in distress on the footpath.

Sharon McNamee’s daughter (15) was walking the family’s dog Soskay in Rockfield Manor estate in Dundalk last week when a speeding driver approached the curb and rolled over the little dog, inflicting catastrophic injuries.

After hitting the pet, the driver pulled over and confronted the teenager, as well as two veterinary students who witnessed the accident, and blamed the girl for the incident.

The teenager pressed the male driver for his details and to speak with her parents but he refused and returned to his vehicle before driving away.

Sorskay died after he was hit by a driver in Dundalk last week.
Sorskay died after he was hit by a driver in Dundalk last week.

“It happened about two minutes away from our house,” said mum-of-seven Sharon McNamee.

“My daughter was walking Soskay and this car came flying out of nowhere, driving on the wrong side of the road. He plied into Soskay on the curb, the back wheel ran right over him.

“We live just near DKIT (Dundalk Institute of Technology) and our neighbours who are veterinary nursing students came out when they heard the loud bang. They originally thought it was a child that had been hit.

“The driver did get out of the car and while he mumbled ‘Sorry’ at the beginning, he began to blame her [Sharon’s daughter] for the accident. Although she was upset, she did ask him to come and speak with her mum, but he just turned around and got back into his car,” she said.

The mum revealed that the evening was extremely distressful for the younger children, who witnessed Sorskay’s last few moments in their kitchen covered in blood.

“The two students carried our dog into the house with his little head tilted down so he wouldn't choke on the volume of blood that was pouring from his mouth, presumably from severe internal injuries. He was brought into the kitchen, leaving a trail of blood along the hallway.

“The pool on the kitchen floor became bigger and bigger as we rang for a vet. At one point he panicked and tried to move. By the time I realised my eight-year-old son was standing in the hallway watching with horror, even though I then sent him upstairs, it was too late, my son had already witnessed the bloody scene.

“My husband carried our dog into the car, and I drove. But Soskay never stood a chance, he died on the way there,” she said.

Sharon revealed that she was gobsmacked that someone could be so cruel and selfish after hitting a family pet, particularly leaving a teenager upset and distressed on the roadside.

“I don’t know how he could do what he did. I probably will never know. It’s the act of someone extremely cruel, selfish and inhumane. You are not entitled to be called a human being, let alone a man.

“Accidents do happen and dogs get hit, but to drive away, it’s unthinkable.

“Soskay is so missed, he was my little shadow. We’re lost without him,” she said.

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