Wednesday 22 January 2020

This mother's warning about turning on the heating is genius

Amy Mulvaney

Anyone who knows the struggle of paying a colossal heating bill will understand this mother's warning note.

While many people can handle the cold until the depths of winter, some of us blast the heating as soon as the temperature drops by a couple of degrees.

Autumn Brandon, from Michigan, USA, came up with the perfect solution to deter the loved-ones in her home from turning on the heating early (or at all).

In a note posted under the thermostat, the mum-of-three gave a check-list of things to consider before hiring it up.

"Unless you answer 'Yes' to all of these... Do not turn on the heat," she wrote, before listing three questions.

"Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks? Is it November? Do you pay the gas bill?"

The passive-aggressive message has gone viral since it was posted on Monday, with 78k likes and over 27k comments.

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