Wednesday 18 September 2019

Seven great things to do with your children today - and they're VERY simple

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Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Are your children showing signs of boredom already? Here are a few things you all can do together to make today a day to remember.

Make that Hallowe'en costume today

Dress up: A little girl having fun trick or treating Photo: Depositphotos

Take out that old white sheet at the back of your hot press, or a black sack from under your kitchen sink, and see what kind of crazy costume you can all create together. Or make a witches hat by forming a piece of cardboard into a cone shape. Unleash their inner craftiness.

Form a secret "storm club"

Make a "teepee" by throwing a few bed sheets over your kitchen chairs. Grab a torch and read stories inside your teepee. Or start your very own storm club, and draw up a charter and invent your own rules for "storm club".

Create a Boredom Jar

Grab an old jam jar or container, a pen, and some scraps of paper. Have everyone write down an indoor activity they'd like to do – play charades, play a boardgame, tell a story, sing a song. And whenever your children get bored, have them dip into the boredom jar and pull out something they can do.

Get cooking


Make some rice crispie buns or easy Rocky Roads with any chocolate in your presses. Or get everyone involved in making baked potatoes by wrapping your spuds in tin foil. Baked beans or cheese on top and you have simple homemade treats.

Take out the photo albums

A family looking through a photo album. PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

Bring your children down memory lane and tell stories inspired by your photos.

"What we did when Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland..."

Write a special little diary entry with today's date, and write to your future selves and tell them what the family did when Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland. Where are you? What are you cooking? What are you reading? Who is with you? And who's being very brave in this big storm?


Every bit of activity helps

Have everyone go through their rooms – they might find some long-forgotten treasures they used to love.

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