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Revealed: Top ten 'grandparent skills' at risk of dying out


Traditional skills at risk of dying out

Traditional skills at risk of dying out

Traditional skills at risk of dying out

Ireland’s grandparents are happier and wiser than today's generation, but the skills that make them so content could be at risk of dying out.

New research sought views of more than 500 grandchildren from across Ireland, as part of a campaign to celebrate the skills and wisdom that grandparents bring to younger generations.

The findings revealed that half of people in Ireland agreed their grandparents are not only more principled than today’s generation, but happier, wiser, more caring and more social.

Grandparents in Kilkenny emerged the wisest of all (58 per cent) compared with Galway (55 per cent), Drogheda (54 per cent), Mullingar, Wexford and Bray (50 per cent), according to the new study by florists Interflora.

It appears there is much to be gained by spending time with our elders, apart from being treated to the odd sneaky chocolate biscuit, cup of tea and slice of Battenberg cake.

In fact, more than three quarters of today’s generation admit to looking to their grandparents for advice on areas including etiquette, gardening, self-confidence, chivalry and budgeting.

However, in this high-tech age, there's a danger that many of these traditional skills could disappear, with a staggering 93 per cent of people worried that this will happen within the next generation.

Top 10 'grandparent skills' at risk of dying out:

  • Letter writing
  • Sewing
  • Cooking from scratch
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Basic home maintenance
  • Proper 'courtship'
  • Meeting people without the use of the Internet
  • Map reading
  • Remembering phone numbers
  • Formal dancing

The study was timed to coincide with Grandparents’ Day this Sunday, October 4.

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