Wednesday 21 March 2018

Peppa Pig and George are turning children into vegetarians, parents claim

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Cartoon favourite Peppa Pig is turning children off meat and into vegetarians, parents have claimed.

An influx of mums and dads became embroiled in a conversation on The Vegan Society’s Facebook page this week and claimed the cartoon pig is changing children’s attitudes towards meat consumption.

“My three-year-old daughter loves Peppa, every time she sees me cooking she will ask if it’s Peppa,” mum Anne Cruz wrote.

“That’s why our main diet is fish and meat.”

Dozens of parents took to the Facebook stream to voice their opinions of their children’s concern for the pig population including mum Jan Edwards.

“Kids should be educated about where their food is sourced, this is only a good thing.”

Spokesperson for the Vegan Society in Britain Jimmy Pierce told The Daily Star he welcomed the influence Peppa was having on the younger generation.

“Children instinctively want to care for and protect animals. Society, however, tells us to discriminate. Cats and dogs are to be looked after, but cows, pigs, chicken and many others are to be used and exploited.

“If it takes a television programme to humanise a pig for people to recognise that, then so be it. Thanks Peppa Pig!”

Previous generations may have been swayed into being more meat conscious by lovable pig Babe, including the lead actor of the 1995 classic James Cromwell, who turned vegan after starring in the film.

James Cromwell turned vegan after starring in 1995's Babe
James Cromwell turned vegan after starring in 1995's Babe

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