Saturday 21 September 2019

What I'm Really Thinking ... about being injured

In this new series, David Coleman explores what children wish their parents knew

'Now that I can’t play sports, I'm bored unless I'm playing Fortnite — or watching stuff on the internet’
'Now that I can’t play sports, I'm bored unless I'm playing Fortnite — or watching stuff on the internet’

I was running in the school yard and one of my friends thought it'd be funny to trip me up, but it turned out that I fell really badly. I've actually broken my ankle - just three months from the end of sixth class and I've broken my ankle. Well by rights, it was my friend who broke it because he tripped me.

I've already been in the cast for three weeks. I've gotten pretty good on the crutches. I fairly fly around now. Even going up and down stairs is no bother. My cast looks pretty cool now too, all my friends have drawn on it and written on it. I had to use Tippex on some of it, cos some of the stuff they wrote I couldn't let my mam see. She'd go spare. If she only knew half the stuff they say, or talk about, she'd ban me from hanging out with them. I know she would. She's very against bad language and stuff, and if she knew about the porn, that would be bad news.

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I don't watch much porn, well I didn't anyway. My friends are always watching it, but I'm not usually bothered. I'm usually too busy playing football and hurling and rugby. I also play tennis. Well, I say that I play, but of course, I can't now with my ankle. That's the bad thing about breaking it: I can't play any sports. I'd usually be out training at least three nights a week and then I have games at the weekend, but that's all stopped now. It's totally changed my whole life.

So, when I get in after school every day, I just end up sitting around. I don't get to hang out with my friends like I used to as they're still going to training. I miss that. I'd be really bored but for my phone and my PlayStation. That's the other thing that's really different. I've started gaming loads. I used to play a bit of Fortnite, but I wasn't really bothered. I was much more into sports. Now that I can't play sports, I'm bored unless I'm playing Fortnite - or watching porn. I have to be a bit more careful about that, because if mam found out, she'd go mental.

I've totally gotten into Fortnite. That has started causing rows at home. I'm 12 and I'm the eldest, but my two little brothers want to watch me play and I hate having an audience, so I get really cross with them when they put me off and I end up dying.

If I get cross, they go whining to mam and then she comes in and tries to stop me playing. That's when the big rows start. It's not like I have anything else I can do while my ankle is broken, so I don't see why I should stop. She just wants me to sit around bored or something. It's not fair. Sometimes she turns off the Wi-Fi and I think she does it just to annoy me. One time, she took the power cable from the PlayStation. That's not right. It's my PlayStation, not hers! That was a bad night. We ended up screaming at each other.

She keeps threatening to take the PlayStation away altogether. I couldn't cope with that. I have another four or five weeks to go in this cast. I'd never survive. I mean, I may never play sports again if it doesn't heal right. Or I'll just never be as good, and then what? Like, what happens if, when I'm back playing, I don't make my place on the team because I'm no good anymore? I'll need the PlayStation, because I have to have something to do. I wish my friend had never tripped me. It's been a crappy three weeks.

As imagined by David Coleman

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