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Sneaky! Irish parents pose as friends to spy on their children’s Facebook pages





One third of Irish mums and dads snoop through their children’s Facebook pages to keep them safe, new research has revealed.

The study found that many Irish parents even set up Facebook accounts to befriend their children under an alias to watch out for any dangerous social media activity.

More than 2,000 Irish parents took part in a survey aimed at unveiling their fears at what children are exposed to online.

The research also found that just 38pc of parents have enabled parental controls on their child’s devices, while 7pc have enabled location tracking on their child’s phone.

Speaking of the results, Irish mum and Moone Boy star Deirdre O’Kane said: “Mums protect us in so many ways, from telling us little white lies or following us to make sure we are safe.

“The Irish mammy has got you covered,” she said.

The study, commissioned by Irish Life, also found that one in four parents have secretly followed their children in a car to ensure that they do not fall in harm’s way.

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