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Should we tell our children mammy or daddy had an affair?

Adrian Kennedy


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Should we tell our children if mammy or daddy has had an affair?

Is honesty always the best policy, or could too much of it be damaging for young minds?

A listener contacted my radio show this week to ask about this very predicament she finds herself in.

The woman said she had discovered that her husband – the father of her children – was having an affair, and their marriage ended as a result.

However, she’s being bombarded with questions about what happened from their two young children.

She wanted to know if she should tell them the awful truth.

I would usually be of the opinion that each parent knows what’s best for their children, but in this case I believe nothing good can come from telling them their mother or father had been unfaithful. It would be cruel and spiteful.

I understand this woman feels angry and betrayed over what happened, but what’s to be gained by putting this on your children?

Telling them the truth will only break their hearts and destroy their relationship with that parent.

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Looking out for a child’s well-being should always be the priority. By telling them something terrible like this, you’re failing to protect them.

If you genuinely believe that telling your children the truth about something so devastating is the best thing to do, at least wait until they’re old enough to be able to fully understand and process it.

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