Postnatal depression: How finding little moments of connection with my son helped me to start enjoying motherhood

After experiencing postnatal depression, Tarsila Krüsestruggled to adjust to her new life as a mother, but drawing ‘moments of gratitude’ helped her connect with her son Otto

Author Tarsila Krüse: '‘I wanted to figure out a solution. I was striving so hard to be perfect'

Tarsila Krüse

It may seem weird to say it now, but brushing my son’s teeth might have saved my life. It was an ordinary evening, a few years ago. After struggling to help him eat his dinner, give him a bath and put on his pyjamas, finally we had a moment of true connection. “You’re a whale and I’m a diver who needs to carefully clean all that krill off your teeth.” I said; Otto’s cheeky look told me that he was in for the ride. Finally. Things were different – we had found our own special way through. Moments like these, little sparks of understanding and connection between us, were what saved me.