Monday 25 March 2019

Photo of toddler left alone in toy car outside charity shop sparks outrage online

The photo of the toddler was posted on the Hull Crime Watch Facebook page.
The photo of the toddler was posted on the Hull Crime Watch Facebook page. Newsdesk Newsdesk

A photograph of a little girl sitting alone in her toy car outside a charity shop in England has sparked outrage online.

The little girl is pictured gazing into the shop as she sits alone in her pink toy car.

The photograph was shared yesterday on the Hull Crime Watch Facebook page, sparking a huge reaction.

The woman who took the photo said she reported the sighting to local police, who said they would patrol the area, according to the Mirror.

"People came out the shop and the child was just sat there," she said.

“The little girl tried to lean to open the door at one point.”

"People was just walking past her as well, but she looked about two — if that.”

Some commenters leapt to the child’s guardian’s defence saying: “We all used to do this in the 70’s...prams were too big to take into shops”.

Another agreed: “Really so what she left the child outside the shop in her big pink car the child is clearly watching for the parent or grandparent coming out of the shop and has been given instructions not to move”.

But others were concerned for the child’s safety.

“It's shocking the amount of people defending the parent who has left their child, unattended outside a shop. Does that mean when nursery teachers take their children for a walk to the local shops that they can leave them outside then? Because I bet if you saw your child left you attended outside a shop you would be kicking off.”

“I've got twins and there was countless times my pram wouldn't fit through the doors or around the shop so I simply never went in, it's just not safe anymore,” another said.

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