Sunday 21 July 2019

'I'm in primary school, here's what I'm really thinking about summer holidays'

As imagined by David Coleman

I’m looking forward to the summer holidays playing my Xbox, but my Mum has different ideas. Stock image
I’m looking forward to the summer holidays playing my Xbox, but my Mum has different ideas. Stock image

The summer holidays have finally started. I can't wait till this time next year because it will mean I'm done with primary school. Not that school is bad, it's not, I like my friends and the work is okay, it just means I'll be getting longer holidays.

Mum is already on my case about how I'm spending my time. I just want some time to do nothing (well doing nothing means just gaming on my Xbox). She is pretty strict about that in school time and I'm only allowed on it for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday, but I don't think those rules should apply now it's the summer.

I hate the way she gets so bossy about it too. She says, "you are not wasting your summer on that thing", meaning the Xbox, but I don't see it as a waste of time. I do see it as a way to relax. Like I don't have to think about anything else when I'm playing games. I'm also able to chat to my friends online while I'm playing, so I think it's quite sociable too. She says it isn't, but I don't think she understands that this is what all my friends are doing.

And it's not like I'm not going out of the house. I'm still playing hurling and football, so I'm down at training two evenings a week and then we have matches at the weekend (and sometimes in the week too). With football and hurling, I'm exercising, which is the other thing that she goes on about, so I don't see what her problem really is with the Xbox.

I know some lads who literally don't get up from it. They'd play all day, they even bring their food into the room with them while they're plugged in. Their parents don't mind, so I don't see why mine cause such a fuss.

Then there's my older sister. I haven't noticed her doing much in the last four weeks and they haven't been on her case. Or at least I haven't heard them going on at her. And she's on her phone 24/7. Way more than I'd be on the Xbox. I think she's just more sneaky about the phone and it isn't as obvious as me, 'cos I've to sit in the playroom where the Xbox is. Parents are just unfair like that sometimes. I don't really want to get her in trouble, but if they keep on at me about the Xbox I'm going to have to tell them that they need to stop her being on her phone. 'Cos they are the same thing.

Anyway, I have to find a way to persuade them to let me play more Xbox. Maybe if I offer to do more stuff, like doing a trade or something. Maybe this summer dad will let me drive the ride-on and I can do the grass for him. Even though it looks like deadly fun driving around, he still moans about having to do it. I'd say he be glad if I took it over. I'm 11 now, so I'm well able for it.

I'm not sure what I'd do for Mum. Most of her stuff'd be terrible to do. I hate hoovering and that's the only thing she ever wants me to do (apart from the usual stuff of the dishwasher and keeping my bedroom tidy). But maybe it'd be worth it if it meant more time to game. I just have to make sure I get a good deal out of them. They can be tricky sometimes. I end up doing lots and then feel like I'm not getting much for it. Still, it's the summer, they have to ease off…don't they?

As imagined by David Coleman

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