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Wednesday 16 October 2019

'I'm 15 years old... This is what I'm really thinking about my annoying sister'

What I'm Really Thinking annoying sister, as imagined by David Coleman

My younger sister is a complete nightmare
My younger sister is a complete nightmare
My younger sister is a complete nightmare
David Coleman

David Coleman

I have an annoying little sister. She's just seven, but you'd swear she was 27 and in charge of the whole house. She runs rings around Mum and Dad. They don't stand a chance with her. I'm quite a bit older than her. I'm 15 now. I don't think Mum and Dad were even expecting to have another child when she came along.

It was hard going when she was born. She had some heart thing and there was a big drama and she needed surgery. Mum had to go up to Dublin with her and she was gone for two weeks. That was pretty stressful, just having Dad here. He's not a good cook. We ate lots of toast. When Mum came back she brought my sister, but because of the surgery, we had to be extra careful with her.

So, even though I was eight, older than she is now, I wasn't allowed to hold her or anything for ages. To be honest, I kind of lost interest after a while. Mum was always fussing after her, so even though Mum was back home, it wasn't like I got much more time with her. Or at least not much time without my little sister being there. She cried a lot. She still does.

I think my parents spoiled her when she was small. It's like she never had to do anything, but give a small squeak and they'd come running. Nothing was too much trouble for her. When I'm feeling charitable, I do accept that she was a surprise addition, and then she was sick and nearly died. So I guess that is going to make them a little more protective of her.

But they have gone completely overboard. She's like that girl in the story in Mum's old fairytale book about the pea under the mattress. Only I don't think her fussiness proves her to be a princess, more like a monster.

I don't have a lot of time for my little sister. That gets me into trouble with my parents. They say that I am mean to her and don't play with her. They say she really looks up to me, but I don't believe that. She just wants to get her own way and will do or say anything to get that. I don't think my parents realise that I'm a teenager and I have zero interest in dolls or fairies. I don't want to do 'painting'. I don't think my sister does either. She'd much rather be on my phone playing games.

She also deliberately gets me in trouble sometimes, saying I'm mean to her or I pinched her. I feel like giving her a slap, but I don't. I never hit her or hurt her, but you'd think I was some violent psychopath if you believed everything she says about me. My parents will always take her side and say to me "you have to be the bigger girl". I would be if she wasn't such an annoying little brat.

I wanted to say something else that began with 'b' but that's another thing my parents blame me for… her language! They say she had to learn it somewhere and apparently I'm the prime suspect, even though I am actually really careful when I'm at home. I've plenty to be cursing about, but I usually don't bother.

What I'd love is if my parents wised up to her. Maybe it's just a thing for parents to always believe the younger and blame the older? They'll get a real shock when I'm gone to college in a few years and they realise that maybe her behaviour isn't all my fault! I wonder if they'll believe me then?

As imagined by David Coleman

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