Sunday 16 December 2018

Five VERY simple tricks get children to stay in their own bed all night long

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Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Night-time kicks in the face, and elbows in the stomach.

For many parents who co-sleep with their child, this is a familiar story.

While some might co-sleep as a choice, and might be happily enjoying these brief few years when their young cub wants to snuggle up at night, for others it might be a little different. They're ready to loosen the leash and get their children sleeping in their own beds, but they don't know how. It might seem like they've journeyed down a giant-sized Alice in Wonderland-hole that they've no way out of.

But one sleep expert says getting children to sleep in their own rooms isn’t actually that difficult.

CEO of The Children’s Sleep Charity, Vicki Dawson, told the Huffington Post: 'Many families choose to bed share and do have a good night’s sleep'.

But there are some ways to get your children to sleep in their own rooms.

1. Consistency is Everything

Stick to your routine, and allow at least two weeks for the sleep patterns to improve. If you renege on your rule and allow the child back into your bed, they’ll quickly realise that you don’t mean business.

2. Be clear before bed-time you’ll be sleeping apart

The sleep expert says to use a “drip-fed” technique, where you’ll tell the child about the new routine and give them a chance to get used to it. Beginning the new routine abruptly will be a shock to them.

3. Make their own room a nice place to sleep in

Is their room too cold? Are they too hot? Do certain shadows, like the shape of the wardrobe, frighten them?

4. Sleep in their bed for a few nights if you can

Even if it’s uncomfortable for you, this could help ease your child into the routine of sleeping a full night in their own bedroom.

5. Let them play in their room during the day

If they associate their room with night time, they might associate it with being alone or being in the dark, or both. If they play in their room, it’ll become a more dynamic, fun and comfortable hideout for them.

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