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Dear David Coleman: I’m worried about my 11-year-old son needing a circumcision


It is best to talk to a specialist

It is best to talk to a specialist

It is best to talk to a specialist

Q I just brought my 11-year-old son to the GP because he can't pull his foreskin back. The GP has recommended that he have a circumcision and now I am worried that it will badly affect my son. What if he freaks out or if it causes some kind of sexual hang-ups later?

David replies:  I can't comment medically, but I would assume that your son not being able to retract his foreskin was causing him enough discomfort that he came to talk to you about it in the first place? If so, then finding the best way to relieve that discomfort is important.

The essential thing for you and your son is that you have time to process and talk about what having a circumcision might mean.

You may find that your worries are not shared by your son, who may be more worried about if it will hurt and how long it will be before he can get back playing sports or such like. Burdening him with your worries may not be helpful, especially when you don't know if they are even likely to happen.

I think it makes best sense to talk to the specialist who would be carrying out any circumcision before you and your son make any decisions. You sound like you both have questions. With more information, you will make a better decision.


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