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My pet: We’ve got a forever friend in our pal Buddy

This adorable, energetic and much-loved cockapoo lives with owner Sheena Hickey and her family in Dunboyne, Co Meath


My pet: Buddy, who belongs to Sheena Hickey

My pet: Buddy, who belongs to Sheena Hickey

My pet: Buddy, who belongs to Sheena Hickey

I couldn’t believe it — after years of pestering and nagging my parents, they finally said yes to getting a dog! They’d always said it would be too much work or we couldn’t leave a dog alone all day. Then the pandemic happened and they changed their minds. I was so excited.

Before we went to pick up the dog, we went shopping to buy a bed, toys, food and leads. The next day I woke up early and wolfed my breakfast — it felt like Christmas morning even though it was January. I was jumping up and down as Mum and Dad packed up the car.

It took hours before we got to Sligo and found where we were looking for. They had three adorable, sandy-coloured cockapoos. It was so hard to choose which dog to take home; eventually, we went for one who seemed giddy and friendly.

I couldn’t believe it; my dream had come true. However, the drive home was a bit of a nightmare as the puppy was sick all over the car. He was sad for the first few days when we got home but we played with him and cuddled him loads, and he soon settled into his new home.

We had a big decision to make: what would we call this adorable puppy? We all agreed that Buddy suited him best as he will be our friend forever.

Six months on, we have a cute cockapoo running around our home. It was the best decision my parents ever made — although Mum might not have agreed with that the day Buddy jumped up on the table and ate her lunch!

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