Monday 17 June 2019

My Pet: Rescue dog Trixie loves her new life


Shirley Nicholson

My name is Trixie I am a Springer Spaniel, approximately eight years old. I was born to be a gun dog, but I just could not stand big bangs so I went to different homes and ended up being a breeding mum.

One day, when I was feeding my four children and two others who had lost their mother, some people came and took me to the ISPCA Ballymahon, Longford. Obviously, I wasn't being properly looked after and my home at that time was perhaps not acceptably licensed.

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My babies grew up and left me. There were lots of other dogs at these kennels looking for new homes.

Every now and then people came and went away, but nobody came to give me a new home. Then one day a man and woman came and took me for a short walk and I showed them how I understood 'heel' and 'sit'. We then all went into the office for a while.

They seemed very nice and liked me and put me in their car. I went for a long journey ending up in a nice house with a big garden in Foxrock, County Dublin.

That evening they gave me a lovely dinner and I was allowed into the sitting room to sit with them on the settee. I had never done this before.

I had a lovely soft bed in the kitchen and I was so happy. I now thought 'I have at last found my forever home'. I go for long walks and am allowed to run off the lead as long as I come back when called.

I have lovely adventures hunting in a nearby forest, following scents of deer and wild goats. I also play ball which, I really love. I am obsessed with my very own dirty tennis ball. I also found I have a bucket full of toys which at first were completely foreign to me. Now they make up my everyday playthings.

I have been in Foxrock two years now and have a job as a therapy dog and visit hospitals.

I meet lots of people and let them pat and talk to me as I sit and am admired. I am very patient. I feel very smart in my yellow tailored lead and collar.

My mummy is also dressed in a yellow top over black trousers. I am a member of the Irish Therapy Dog Association.

Life now is completely blissful.

I love my life with my forever mummy and daddy.

Shirley Nicholson, Dublin 18

Name: Trixie

Finest hour: Working as a therapy dog

Likes: Following scents

Dislikes: Big bangs

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