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My pet: Oh, I love to scratch, chase and shed fur

Name: Lacey

Finest hour: Tugging on Emily's lace

Likes: Meeting my pal Felix at the window

Dislikes: Emily dressing me up in silly outfits





In July 2017, I was in a cat protection centre in Kent with my five siblings when two little people came to see me with their mum and dad. I ran up to the little girl named Emily and tugged at her open lace. I just knew they were the family for me.

They returned two weeks later to collect me. It was Emily's 11th birthday and she called me Lacey because I tugged on her lace on our first meeting.

The cattery had called me Posh Spice because of my 'posh' walk. I much prefer Lacey as I am not a pop star. I used to get up to some mischief climbing curtains, hiding in wardrobes; once I escaped over the back wall and got such a fright I hid under a car until Emily found me.

In 2019, I had my biggest adventure when I took a ferry to Ireland. It was a long way. I stayed in a hotel and had great fun in the curtains. First we stayed with Emily's granny and granddad. They've a big jungle, lots of places to hide. Emily's granny talked to me all the time and I think granddad liked me too. I got stuck between the washing machine and a wall and ended up with lots of fluff on my head.

They used to try and keep me at the back of the house but when I got a moment I used to explore. They had lots of carpet and being a long-haired domestic cat, I left a trail of fur behind me. Then we moved to 'our' house again, lots of places to discover. One day I was sitting at the front door, keeping an eye on my kingdom, when a big black Labrador came straight at me. I hid in the wardrobe. I could hear Emily and her brother Conor calling me but I didn't come out until I smelt my biscuits.

My favourite things are to scratch the carpet (I get in trouble for that one), playing and being chased around the house. I do love a snooze on the couch in the window with the sun shining on me.


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