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Tuesday 17 September 2019

My Pet: Little tyke Tyson, a real ladies' man


Aongus Mac Cana, Barna, Co Galway

My friend Tyson is quite a ladies' man even though he is a little on the small side and not really a terrific conversationalist.

This was brought home to me recently when I had occasion to sit with him for an hour on a roadside bench in Ballina.

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No less than eight women of various ages approached me and made conversation although it was obvious that their only real objective was to make the acquaintance of Tyson.

As late as last week when I was walking with him in the local park, an attractive young woman came up and complimented him on his white socks - prompting me to wonder whether I should not invest in a pair myself.

Tyson's backstory is a bit sad.

Apparently his previous best friend upped and died, which resulted in his being consigned to the sticks on the far side of Killimor, where he found himself billeted with a gang of lurchers, abandoned when they were no longer fit for racing.

To be fair to the misfortunate lurchers, they were an amiable bunch.

However, it must still have been a bit of a shock to Tyson's system and a serious come down from his previous cosy domestic arrangements.

I believe that this experience may be the reason why he is reluctant to let me out of his sight, in case he might be abandoned once again.

He was not inclined to get into my car either for a few weeks, which I suspect was because he was afraid I might be about to return him to Killimor.

It was my granddaughter who introduced me to Tyson. She fell in love with him when she met him on a transition year assignment in the animal shelter.

She felt the least she could do for her love was to visit him on me.

He is a crafty manipulative individual and I entertain him even though I am quite well aware that he is playing me like the proverbial violin.

This is because he repays any expression of love or affection tenfold.

He inclines me towards vegetarianism, because if we have souls, which I consider a live possibility, this amiable and loving creature must have one too.

My daughter thinks that I spoil him.

She says that he should be entitled to an Actor's Equity card - purely on the basis of his ability to put on a sad face.

Who was it who said: "You never own a cat or a dog. You only share your home with them"?

Name: Tyson

Finest hour: Getting billeted with my 'New Best Friend'

Likes: Out-foxing people in tennis ball fetching games

Dislikes: Three semi-feral cats who now live in the boiler room

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