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Thursday 17 January 2019

My Pet: Dancing in the kitchen with Mammy


Annette Hughes

My name is Hugo and I'm a six-year-old Cocker Spaniel. I live in Glenageary, Co Dublin, and this is my story.

Six years ago, Mammy sent my Daddy to buy a cute female dog; Mammy had seen her on DoneDeal. Daddy didn't like my sister because she was very bossy, so he bought me. Mammy wasn't that happy. I was the second last of eight in a litter to be sold and the last boy. When Mammy gets cross, she tells me "I was the runt of the litter". It upsets me when she says that.

I have a lovely bed in the kitchen and a big garden to run around. Daddy hates cats, so he has taught me to chase after them and get them out of the garden. They hiss at me but one day I'll catch their tail when they are going over the garden wall and I'll bite! Daddy will be proud of me.

Recently I was very sick and I was crying with pain in my tummy. Mammy and Daddy were up all night with me - I ate something like a little bird. He stayed in my tummy and the vet had to give me an injection and then he came out in my poo. I'm much better now but I didn't like the injection and wanted to bite the vet (a lady vet!) but John held my head and I couldn't move.

Mammy takes me for a walk for about one hour every day. She always puts me on the lead and I hate it cos I love running free in the park, chasing cats and birds and all that. Daddy lets me do that.

Mammy and Daddy have a daughter called Michelle, she doesn't live with us but visits very often - I love when she visits because she gives me cuddles and lets me lie on the couch. She doesn't mind me messing up her car - not like Mammy; she makes me sit on a cushion and ties me in.

My Daddy brings me for a haircut every three months - I don't like getting my hair cut but it's worth it as lots of people admire me and say I'm beautiful, which, of course, I am.

Daddy has also taught me some tricks - I can give the paw, beg and roll over (provided there is a treat at the end).

Mammy and I get on well and I love practising her dancing with her around the kitchen. I love my life and I'm a happy little boy.

Annette Hughes,  Glenageary, Co Dublin

Name: Hugo

Finest hour: Running free in the park

Likes: Cuddles

Dislikes: Cats

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