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My Pet: Buttons well suited to life as a Dub





My name is Buttons Scally and I live with my owner in Blackrock, Dublin. I am a Shih Tzu/pug mix and when people ask my boss what I am, she always replies, "a happy accident"!

We are a very close team and have been since I took up residence with her at about eight weeks of age. I hear her tell people that I am from a puppy farm but I have no recollection. However, I always manage to look suitably solemn when that story is being recounted as it seems to elicit lots of "Aahs" and "Oohs" and sympathetic glances and caresses and sometimes even a treat from a well-equipped fellow dog walker.

I have a well-rehearsed daily routine. My boss rises very early and we leave for our first walk of the day about 6.30am. I have to say that I find it a bit too early for my liking and sometimes the only way I can be encouraged to come down the stairs from our warm cosy bed is if she calls out that Poppy, our neighbour's cat, is sitting on the dividing wall. In those serious circumstances, I feel it incumbent upon myself to rush downstairs to investigate further. So far I have never managed to spot her haughty face staring down at me from the safety of the high wall at that hour of the morning but you just never know when urgent action might be required.

Early morning walk completed, we leave for work. At least my Boss does. En route, she drops me off at my minder. The last words of the morning I hear her say as she lets me in the front door are, "Don't worry, I will be back to pick you up later!" I sit on the stairs and adopt a suitably bereft look as my Boss repeats those words. I hold that sad look until I hear her car pulling away, and, thereafter, I rush joyously up the stairs and take a running leap on to the bed of my beloved minder 'Ann' who lets me snuggle up in bed with her until about 10am. Bliss!! My daily routine here is full of fun with her two Tibetan spaniels and lots of time for naps on the bed.

Later on, my Boss comes to collect me and she always seems delighted to see me and I do a careful dance of joy in the hall around the feet of my owner and minder so that both think that the dance is for their benefit. Home to dinner, a short walk, some evening telly from the comfort of the sofa and then to bed! And we do it all over again the next day. It's a good life with lots of additional fun at weekends when we go walking to the beach with my cousins, two cockapoos.

The picture I have chosen was taken when I was a youngster and graduated with honours (well merit really) from the puppy classes I attended at the DSPCA premises in Rathfarnham. We all attended a prize-giving ceremony and I got a rosette (which didn't interest me in the least!) and a squeaky toy which gave me hours of pleasure. The photograph is much prized by my owner and she shows it to anyone who cares to look at it on her phone. When I look at myself as a youngster in that photograph, I reflect on my happy youthful years.

Romaine Scally, Blackrock, Co Dublin

Name: Buttons

Finest hour: Running on the beach with my cousins

Likes: Cosy warm beds and car drives

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Dislikes: Joggers, bicycles, bin lorries

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