Friday 23 February 2018

What you want, and need, to know: THE WEIRD and wonderful world of having a baby

Melissa Heckscher had a lot of fun answering some of the more unusual questions in the book.

"I think my favourite weird question is 'Can I get pregnant when I'm already pregnant.' The answer is yes you can, although it's very unusual. It can happen if a woman ovulates twice in one month.

"It's a small window -- and your babies would only be a few weeks apart in age."

"I love the question about how much weight the average man gains during his partner's pregnancy. Fourteen pounds!" Other questions include:

Can I ride a rollercoaster while pregnant?

"No, the rollercoaster's sudden stops and starts can rip the placenta from the uterine wall."

Can a baby scratch or claw his way through or poke a hole in the amniotic sac?


Can babies cry in the womb?

"Yes but they cannot cry out loud until they are born."

Do unborn babies poop in the womb?

"Yes, but only if the baby is in distress or overdue. The substance is called Meconium and is normally passed in your baby's first nappy."

Can foetuses feel pain?

"Not before 28 weeks of gestation (30 weeks of pregnancy)."

How can I make my baby to kick?

"Eat sugar, first a fast-burning one to wake your baby up, then a slow-burning one to keep it awake."

Why am I snoring more?

"Mucus membranes swell during pregnancy."

Can pets increase your baby's chance of having allergies?

"No, but turtles, snakes and lizards carry salmonella."

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