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exclusive 'We have wanted this since forever' - Fiona and Eoghan from TV3's The Babymakers overjoyed with twin girls


Eoghan and Fiona. Photo: TV3

Eoghan and Fiona. Photo: TV3

Eoghan and Fiona. Photo: TV3

An Irish couple who appeared on TV3s documentary The Babymakers earlier this year are celebrating the birth of two beautiful twin girls.

After a long, drawn-out journey with IVF, the long wait was finally over when Fiona Gibson gave birth to Alannah and Aoife on December 8. She and her husband Eoghan are now happily knee-deep in bottles, nappies, and night wakings. 

“We wanted this since forever,” Aoife told Independent.ie.

“Alannah was born first and she was six pounds 13, and then Aoife was born one minute later and she was five, thirteen.

“The girls are nothing alike and they act nothing alike. They are polar opposites every which way.

“Even the day they were born, the doctor said they look nothing alike.

“One has jet black hair, and one has blonde hair. And Aoife is quiet as a mouse, and Alannah, when she opens her eyes, she’ll scream the house down,” the doting mum joked.

Fiona and Eoghan became household names in late summer as they went through a rollercoaster IVF journey, full of heartache, but ultimately joy.

“We had the worst Christmas ever last year when the three embryos didn’t take,” Fiona told Independent.ie.

The couple spent €47,000 on IVF and extra fertility treatments since 2013. Finally, they were overjoyed to find out that Fiona was pregnant with twins.

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“At Christmas time, it’s such a special time and now it’s even more special," Fiona said.

“When they wake up, we just cuddle and rest on the couch.

“They sleep through the day. Alannah kind of comes to life from midnight to about four in the morning. Aoife is great, she’s quiet as a mouse.

“The girls come first and once they’re OK, I’m OK.”

The couple have received hundreds of letters, cards, texts and presents since their little arrivals appeared on December 8.

“So many people, people we barely know are calling with gifts. They’re so lucky to have everyone just looking after them.

“I‘ve loads of brothers and sisters and Eoghan has loads of cousins. We can call on them when we need to.”

One in six couples in Ireland face struggles with fertility.

Fiona, a music teacher, wrote to Minister Simon Harris’ office to fight for financial assistance for couples going through fertility treatments.

In October, the government indicated that this will now happen.

“It’s one of the most emotional journeys in your life, and that’s made worse by thinking about where you’re going to get more money,” Fiona explained recently.

Fiona has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), but the couple discovered other reasons why they were having trouble conceiving when they began IVF.

She told Independent.ie in October: “It means that I don’t ovulate or anything so I can’t get pregnant. When we got into the IVF, we learned that my eggs and Eoghan’s sperm aren’t compatible; they don’t mix.”

Fiona and Eoghan didn't just have the expense of IVF, but lots of other add-ons as well.

“There are a lot of extras. I did three rounds of intralipids, a scratch, assisted hatching, and then when I got pregnant I was doing reflexology as well.”

She added: “Numerous times we had to stay in hotels because with the egg collection it’s very time specific, so because we don’t live in Dublin we felt we had to stay in a hotel to be there that morning.”

Now though, with their beautiful twins, all Fiona and Eoghan have to worry about is how to keep the visitors and well wishers away.

“Every time we get to the door to bring the girls out for a walk, we get another visitor,” she joked.

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