Monday 23 April 2018

WATCH: The incredible moment a baby 'delivers itself' through 'natural cesarean'

A video has gone viral which shows a baby 'delivering itself' through a 'natural cesarean'. Photo: Sarah Saunders / YouTube
A video has gone viral which shows a baby 'delivering itself' through a 'natural cesarean'. Photo: Sarah Saunders / YouTube

Sasha Brady

A video has gone viral which shows a baby 'delivering itself' through a 'natural cesarean'.

New mum, Sarah Saunders, was filmed smiling as an obstetrician cut open her uterus and lifted the baby’s head out.

"Natural cesarean" procedures allow the baby to partly emerge from the womb itself, instead of being pulled by doctors.

Also known as skin-to-skin cesarean, it can take up to four minutes for babies to be born as doctors have minimal involvement in taking the baby out of the womb.

"Having a natural cesarean is the most incredible thing," Sarah wrote under the video.

"I wanted to share this video to show that if you are unable to give birth 'naturally' that having a natural caesarean is the next best thing.

"In this amazing video my son delivers himself after the surgeon helps his head out.

"The team at Torbay were phenomenal and gave me a birth experience I will cherish forever."

Experts say the procedure is more beneficial to the mother as she feels more involved and the umbilical cord isn't cut straight away, allowing the the new mum to bask in the experience.

The baby is also placed on the mother's chest so if she chooses to breastfeed she can give it go while doctors complete the surgery.

It was pioneered at the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea private hospital in London more than a decade ago and is currently only offered in a few private clinics.

According to The Telegraph, Britain will start to trial "natural cesareans" in the summer, to examine the benefits.

Ireland’s Caesarean section rate – at 28.5 per 100 live births in 2013 – was marginally above the OECD average of 27.6 per 100 live births for that year.

The procedure was introduced to the University Maternity Hospital Limerick this year and Sandra O’Connor, Clinical Midwife Manager said that the feedback from nursing and midwifery staff who has been involved in natural C-sections in the hospital had been hugely positive.

“The nurses and midwives in theatre who have been involved in the Gentle Birth experience said it was fantastic and very emotional for the mother to be the first to touch and hold her baby. Staff expressed that they were delighted and honoured to have enhanced the mother’s birth experience," she said in a statement.

Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Dr John Slevin said: “Caesarean section is sometimes a necessary mode of birth for babies, often contrary to mothers’ birth expectations. Gentle Caesarean section allows us to optimise a positive birth experience for both mother, baby and partner.”

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