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WATCH: 'It doesn’t feel natural' - Creche drop-off too much for TV3's presenter Karen Koster as she breaks down in tears

TV3 presenter Karen Koster breaks down in tears after dropping her two children off at crèche in her new documentary Mammy Guilt.

The popular presenter (36), who is three months pregnant, explores the guilt and juggling that many parents experience as part of daily life and looks at the myths and fears around childcare.

Karen and her husband have two boys, Finn (3) and JJ (21 months).

TV3 have released a clip in advance of the documentary airing, where caught off guard, Karen breaks down in tears after saying goodbye to her two children for the day.

“So right now I’m on my way to dropping them to crèche or babys chool as we call it in our house. I’m running a bit late, haha, which doesn’t really make for a change in our house,” she says.

“On a good day, they will sail in without a backward glance and be thrilled, and on a bad day both of them will cry, and then I’ll probably start to cry in the car.”


Karen Koster drops her sons Finn and JJ off at creche.

Karen Koster drops her sons Finn and JJ off at creche.

Karen Koster drops her sons Finn and JJ off at creche.

When she arrives back in the car, she says: “That was kind of a mixed drop-off. JJ cried but I think he’s just teething really, really badly, because he’s got his teeth stuck in his mouth. But Finn gave me a lovely little (kisses) ‘bye mama, love you’.”

“I’m gonna try not to cry, it gets me every time.”

“It doesn’t feel natural leaving a crying child. It goes against every grain (Karen starts to cry)... God I didn’t think I was going to get emotional, even thinking about it, but I guess I don’t actually try and think about it too much. It doesn’t feel natural, for someone you have nurtured from the second you see a positive pregnancy result.” 

Karen interviews American Professor Jay Belsky who published a study in the 1980’s entitled ‘Infant Daycare – A cause for Concern’. He believes you could be harming your children by sending them to crèche. 

Mammy Guilt: True Lives airs on TV3 tomorrow night, Wednesday 17th at 9om

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