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Unique Name Day: Irish woman remembers the moment she found out her real name was Cinderella


Lily James in Disney's Cinderella

Lily James in Disney's Cinderella

Lily James in Disney's Cinderella

Pilot Inspektor, Sage Moonblood and Blue Angel may be some of the mad celebrity baby names that have astonished us all the way from Hollywood, but an Irish woman has opened up about her own unusual moniker which could rival even Tinsel Town’s most eccentric parents.

To mark Unique Name Day, which is being celebrated in the US today, a woman phoned in to The Anton Savage Show to speak about the moment she found out her name was ‘Evangeline Cinderella’ after years of going by ‘Eva’.

When preparing for her communion Eva caught sight of her birth certificate and as an eight-year-old was thrilled to discover she had a thoroughly A-list name.

 “I’d been living as Eva my whole life until I found out my name was Evangeline Cinderella

“Of course this was the most amazing news as a seven year old girl and unfortunately I told everybody. I’ve paid for it ever since. People have always remembered,” she said.

Eva admitted that revealing her real name to her school yard friends may have been a mistake as it landed her with the nick name ‘Cinders’ for many years.

“I was never tempted to just go by Cinderella. I had a nickname for a while, where everyone used to call me Cinders.

“I asked my parents why they gave me Cinderella as a middle name. My dad doesn’t really pass any comment on it and doesn’t want to be part of it but my mom said ‘It’s unusual. How many people are called Evangeline Cinderella?’

“She’s right but come on.”

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Lucky for Evangeline Cinderella, Irish parents are being more adventurous when it comes to naming their sprogs.

While tame options Jack, James, Emily and Sophie were the most popular baby names in Ireland in 2014, some of the more unusual baby names given to boys in Ireland that year included Avery, Deacon, Braxton and Dexter.

Miley, Destiny, Raven and Angel were some of the more unusual monikers bestowed on Irish baby girls in 2014, according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office.

Much like Evangeline Cinderella’s mum, many Irish parents have been inspired by Disney when it comes to naming their children, as Frozen’s Elsa and Anna have also become more popular in the years since the blockbuster film was released.

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