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Two year old girl called' 'Chucky' accused of attacking 10 children in nursery


Katie Ann, who was attacked by another toddler at her nursery

Katie Ann, who was attacked by another toddler at her nursery

Katie Ann, who was attacked by another toddler at her nursery

PARENTS are demanding that a two-year-old girl is expelled from her nursery after she was accused of attacking 10 children.

One alleged victim, three-year-old Katie Ann Guttridge, suffered scratches, a damaged eye socket and three bite marks on her face.

Police were called in but cannot act because the girl under suspicion is under 10, the age of criminal responsibility.

Katie’s parents are demanding that the girl is banned from Ratby Pre-School Nursery in Leicester after the incident on Dec 13.

Katie’s mother, Clara Mackow, 28, a trainee goldsmith, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her. I just cried. She had gashes to her lips and a terrible black eye. Katie looked like she had been in a fight with a dog that had mauled her.

“We had to take her to hospital because the doctor thought she had fractured her eye socket. She was almost blinded in the attack which was totally unprovoked. I know kids get into scrapes but my daughter was really hurt in this attack.”

Miss Mackow, who also has a five-year-old son, Joshua, added: “The little girl is two but she has behavioural problems. Nursery and pre-school should be fun and enjoyable but Katie is scared of going now and doesn’t even want to go outside in case she bumps into the girl.”

Katie’s father, Lewis Guttridge, 32, a property developer, said: “Katie is normally such a bubbly little girl but this seems to have frightened her and left her very nervous and scared to be around other children.

“I was horrified that my daughter has been exposed to such violence in a place which should be safe. I understand the police can’t do anything because of the girl’s age but the nursery should expel her.”

Katie and the girl both started at the nursery in September. The nursery’s incident reports allege that Katie has been attacked on four occasions. A form dated Sept 22 says the girl hit Katie on the forehead with a “plastic yellow drummer”, on Oct 11 she “pushed two Duplo bricks together pinching Katie’s left hand”, and on Nov 5 she “grabbed Katie’s hair and face and sucked her cheek causing a mark”.

After last week’s incident nursery staff applied an ice pack to reduce the swelling to Katie’s face and had to call in Mr Guttridge to take her to hospital.

Other parents of the 25 children at the nursery are also calling for the girl to be expelled. One mother, whose son was also hurt, said parents referred to the girl as Chucky, after the evil doll from the horror film Child’s Play. “The little girl is a nightmare. If there’s a child who has been hurt the other mums and dads always say 'has Chucky been at it again,’?” the mother said. “It’s no laughing matter for the kids though, they are terrified of this little girl.”

Jill Bottrill, the manager of the nursery, said: “We are working closely with the local authority and parents and the pre-school.” The nursery’s management could not be contacted to respond to allegations that it had failed to protect the children.

Leicestershire Police said yesterday: “The girl is below the age of criminal responsibility so there is nothing else the police can do. We suggested the parents contact the nursery and other agencies.”

The mother of the girl yesterday refused to comment about her daughter.

She said: “My daughter is two years old. I want nothing more to do with this.”