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TV star invites ‘egg mummy’ into his family life



FORMER Heartbeat star Jason Durr has told of his unusual family set-up after welcoming the egg donor for his two-year-old twins to have a part in their life.

The actor and his wife Kate enlisted the aid of a donor called Brooke to help them have more children when other methods failed.

Now they are embracing the donor into their extended family, and in a further twist, they told Hello! magazine they are keen for their twins Felix and Velvet to meet another set of twins born to another couple from the same batch of embryos.

Durr, who starred as Pc Mike Bradley in the rural drama, had wanted a sibling for daughter Blossom, now seven, but efforts to conceive naturally failed, as did cycles of IVF.

They then turned to their "egg mummy" after enrolling with a US agency, which is how they found Brooke - a 28-year-old psychology graduate from California.

The three have decided to keep in touch and allow the donor - who says she was motivated by the desire to help rather than financial gain - to have regular contact with the youngsters who are now two.

"I love the twins, but not in a maternal way," said Brooke, who was adopted as a child. "I love them as members of my family.

"There's no confusion over who's who: they call me Brooke, although they're too young to understand what egg donor means yet."

To give happiness to another couple, some of the spare embryos were given to a couple in New York, who have now also had twins.

Now the actor and his wife - who have been together since 2000 - intend both sets of twins to meet in the future.

"A couple, some friends of friends, were desperate for a child," Jason explained. "So we gave them some of the nine embryos that Brooke and I made together.

"We were overwhelmed when they, too, had twins. They're a few months old now, but one day, when they're older, we'll visit them and introduce them to their genetic brother and sister."

"It was one of our dearest hopes to create a family with children," said Kate.

"Not only have we managed to achieve that for ourselves, we've also given another couple the happiness of becoming parents. It's the most profound thing in the world."

:: The full interview is in the new edition of Hello!, out now.