Thursday 21 November 2019

Top tips when travelling with kids

Charlotte Brenner from Falcon Holidays offers some advice: 1.

If you're travelling with an infant, make sure you take a separate baby bag when going through the airport security check. This will prevent any misunderstandings about fluids, bottles, etc. 2. Make sure the baby drinks some kind of fluid during take off and landing to prevent their ears popping and possible discomfort. 3. Bring enough food and drink to last through the flight. Little snacks such as raisins and Liga are good. 4. Check if your carrier allows an infant baggage allowance. ( For example, Thompson Airways – Falcon's sister company – offers a 10kg infant baggage allowance.) 5. If you have toddlers, try to fly in the off season ( May/ June, September/ October). The temperatures will be slightly lower, and it will be cheaper to boot. 6. Don't bring made-up formulas for babies. It will add hugely to the weight of your baggage. Bring the ordinary powder and make up the formula using bottled spring water when you reach your destination instead. It will be perfectly safe. 7. Bring steriliser bags. You can pop them in the microwave and sterilise your bottles with them. 8. Pre-book ' family packages' if you need them. The ones on offer through Falcon feature, among other things, a high-chair, steriliser, playpen and sun canopy. 9. Don't bring huge amounts of clothes for your children, but do pack a couple of all-in-one swimsuits that cover their legs and arms and plenty of oversized T-shirts for the beach. 10. Invest in a compact UV tent that your child can play in on the beach, and even have a nap in. Stores such as Argos sell them.

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