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Top tips for raising girls

Steve Biddulph, a psychologist and author of Raising Girls: Helping your Daughter to Grow up Wise, Warm and Strong, has some key recommendations when it comes to bringing up daughters.

He suggests that no teenage girl should have a TV in her bedroom and that all mobile phones should be charged in the kitchen overnight so they are out of reach and no late-night texting or tweeting can go on.

Mums should be a good role model. According to Biddulph, mothers should think about not just what they do but about how they do it. If you're unkind or sharp, they'll learn that's how you deal with other people and they'll act in a similar way.

Show them other good role models. Biddulph recommends that mothers seek out good role models for their daughters.

In relation to toys, he recommends avoiding anything aimed at just girls.

He says girls need to be protected from "adultification" too young. And he advises parents to resist advertising and the fashion, food and weight-loss industries.

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