Sunday 20 October 2019

Top myths about gifted children

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- Everything comes easier to a gifted child -- they need no additional help or support.

NOT TRUE: Gifted kids are highly sensitive children who need a lot of support from both their family and teachers.

- It's because 'they can't be bothered' to apply themselves that holds them back in school.

NOT TRUE: If your talents are not being recognised and nurtured, imagine how difficult it must be to make an effort.

- They need very little attention from teachers because they learn quickly.

NOT TRUE: Teachers play a key role in helping talented children realise their potential.

- Gifted kids always do well at exams.

NOT TRUE: Exams can present big difficulties.

- Gifted kids are top of the class and are 'teachers' pets'.

NOT TRUE: Sometimes highly intelligent kids are seen as disruptive who constantly challenge the teacher.

- They don't need any help with homework or study.

NOT TRUE: Gifted children love discovery learning but they need to be directed to avoid bad work practices.

- Children with learning difficulties cannot be gifted.

NOT TRUE: There is a growing population in Ireland of children presenting with dual exceptionality. Some show gifted characteristics but have mild to severe learning difficulties or disabilities.

- Families of gifted children love to brag.

NOT TRUE: Parents would rather keep quiet about it.

- All gifted kids come from the middle to upper classes.

NOT TRUE: Gifted children come from all socio-economic backgrounds, and areas.

- Kids who do badly in school and fail exams cannot be gifted.

NOT TRUE: Gifted kids find study difficult as they think in an abstract and complex way. Source:

Irish Independent

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