Friday 6 December 2019

Top food tips in pregnancy

PREGNANT women can reduce their risk from parasites in ready-to-eat meats by freezing cured/fermented meats for four days before eating them. Freezing kills most parasites and so makes the meat safer to eat.

If you're pregnant and planning to cook the meat (eg, pepperoni on pizza) there's no need to freeze it.

Pre-packed meats are safe to eat, but pregnant women shouldn't eat liver or liver-containing products such as liver pâté, liver sausage or haggis, as they may contain a lot of vitamin A, which could harm your baby.

Don't take high-dose multivitamin supplements, fish liver oil supplements or any containing vitamin A.

You can eat most types of fish when you're pregnant. Eating fish is good for your health and your baby's development, but you should limit the amount of tuna you eat to:

{HTML_BULLET} no more than two tuna steaks a week (about 140g cooked or 170g raw), or

{HTML_BULLET} four medium-sized cans of tuna a week (about 140g when drained).

Tuna contains more mercury than other fish, which could affect your baby's developing nervous system.

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