Sunday 21 January 2018

To infinity and beyond -- our Disney books are Buzzin'

Edel Coffey on our great new collection of graphic novels

The characters we see on the big screen as children stay with us for the rest of our lives. Think of the first time you saw the Disney classic Snow White (© Disney, Disney/PIXAR) or The Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. The colours, the characters and the stories of adventure, danger and happy endings speak to the very heart of children's greatest hopes and fears.

Disney is synonymous with many much-loved childhood characters, from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. Now children can extend the pleasure of their favourite Disney films by reading about them in a new series of children's books, Disney Movies -- The Graphic Novels, starting next Saturday, September 18 with the Irish Independent.

Following on from the phenomenal success of previous collections Great Children's Books and Disney's Wonderful World Of Knowledge, this collection is a new way for children to enjoy their favourite movies in illustrated book format.

Designed in beautiful, matching, glossy hardbacks with colourful illustrations, these graphic novels will be a much-used addition to any children's library.

The list of books that will be published over 25 weeks is a thoroughly modern selection that all children will be familiar with, including, among others, Disney blockbusters like The Lion King, Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 2, with free stickers to collect for each movie.

To celebrate this latest book launch, the Irish Independent will give away the first book in the series, Finding Nemo, FREE with every paper sold on Saturday, September 18.

Finding Nemo is the story of a fish called Nemo, whose mother is killed by a shark before he is born and his father vows to keep Nemo safe forever. But Nemo has other ideas of adventure and sets out from his home in the Great Barrier Reef into the dangerous ocean to prove himself. When he is captured by a diver, Nemo's father sets out to save his son.

Subsequent books in the collection will be sold at the discounted price of €4.99 and include children's favourite The Lion King, which tells the story of the young lion prince Simba who is abandoned when his father, the king, dies and is left by his tribe to travel the African Savannah with a selection of quirky friends, the meerkat and warthog to claim his kingdom back.

Pixar is the king of the animated film and some of their most popular films, including WALL-E, Up and Toy Story are also featured. WALL-E tells the story of the last robot on Earth, left behind after a human exodus to clean up the planet. Up tells the story of the grumpy Carl Fredricksen who just wants to be left alone with the memory of his late wife Ellie; and Toy Story is the modern classic that tells of the adventures of a young boy's toys who come to life when he's not looking.

Not only do children get to enjoy their favourite movie characters, but they also get to enjoy reading.

The series will run over 25 weeks so start collecting.

Irish Independent

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