Monday 20 January 2020

Tips for nurturing self-esteem in children

- Start early. Encourage the recognition of meaningful values from an early age by rewarding a child's interpersonal qualities like their ability to share, display empathy and make good choices.

- Reward effort and not just outcome. Support a child's endeavour as well as their results in tasks and activities.

- Recognise multiple qualities. Ensure that the child is aware that everyone will have different skills, qualities and attributes and that their particular strengths hold as much merit as others.

- Role model the importance of recognising one's own value. Parents need to be able to teach their child the difference between good self-worth and arrogance.

- Distinguish the difference between confidence and self-esteem. Remember confidence is the impression we want to project outwardly into the world whereas self-esteem is our relationship with ourselves.

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