Thursday 19 April 2018

This touching photo of a woman cradling her sick baby in the shower perfectly illustrates motherhood

Kelli Bannister comforts her sick baby, Summer, in the shower. Photo: Kelli Bannister / Facebook
Kelli Bannister comforts her sick baby, Summer, in the shower. Photo: Kelli Bannister / Facebook

Sasha Brady

A mother shared a candid snap her five-year-old son had taken of her as she cradled her sick baby in the shower.

Kelli Bannister, from Perth, Australia uploaded the photo to her Facebook page earlier in the month to highlight one of the most "raw" and "emotive" moments of motherhood.

Her 20-month old daughter Summer had been sick with the flu and Kelli had been trying everything she could think of to offer her baby some relief.

She said she was "physically and mentally exhausted" as Summer had been feeling unwell for days.

“This moment is real, raw and one of the absolute worst parts of motherhood that at some stage, we will all go through," she wrote on a Facebook post that has since gone viral with over 50,000 shares.

"The part nothing or no-one can prepare you for, the part where you would give every ounce of your entire being to make your poor baby feel ok again,” the mum continued. 

“Every cry and every tear makes your heart break just that little bit more and your only wish is that it was you instead.

“I haven’t slept in days and am physically and mentally exhausted myself, but as all mums do, we keep going.”

Bannister said Summer had been coughing, being sick and “working herself up into a frenzy” all morning.

“My mumma instincts kicked in and I put us both in the shower, with the soothing sound of running water and the warmth touching our skin, she was calm within minutes,” Bannister continued.

“Then, my five-year-old came in and snapped this.

“Such a raw emotive moment of motherhood in all her glory... messy bun and all.”

The post struck a chord with mums everywhere as they shared their empathy for Kelli's situation.

“I needed to read this today,” one mother wrote. “My almost three-year-old had an MRI under general anaesthetic today.

“Tough moment restraining him while the anaesthetist holds a mask over his face and he’s looking and with huge upset eyes.”

Another wrote: “I feel your pain. It’s horrible when your child is sick and all you want to do is take the pain away.

“Gorgeous photo, motherly love right there.”

A dad also commented on the post, praising mums for everything they do.

“It’s amazing how as mums you seem to keep going,” he wrote.

“Even when you’re so burnt out. It’s hard for us as dads to watch on and not be able to help with them because all they want is you.

“We worry and we try not to show it. But when it’s too much or you just need to sleep - we are here for you.”

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