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The Moore the merrier

"When you see what you have created, it's incredible."

Assets model Mary Moore neatly sums up her feelings for her brood of four.

Mary never planned to have four children but admits she thrives on running a household which is filled with the hustle and bustle of family life.

The part time model says: "It's the third child that changes the dynamics of the family, because you only have two hands, and when the third one comes along, you find you can't catch them all anyway."

She is the busy mum to David (12), Zach (7), Isabella (5) and Zara (3), and is married to businessman David Wright.

"When the fourth comes along, you've already surrendered any notions of control. You're already used to a day which begins at 6.30am. I'm used to having three hours maximum, between 10am and 1pm, to do everything, and I mean everything.

"My parents live nearby and can be here in 10 minutes if I'm really stuck. My husband David is a great help as well, especially as a disciplinarian, because I find the children see me as the nurturer and carer and feel they can get around me.

"Any woman with four children who expects equal childcare from her husband is living in cuckoo land.

"Our roles are very traditional, with me as the stay-home mum and David as the breadwinner, and they are roles that suit us well," Mary says.


"How do I survive all the demands? My friends laugh when I say 'I'm going upstairs to put my eye cream on', because that is the code for me needing five minutes peace.

"A little bit of what you like makes you feel good, and I love lotions and potions, and will glam myself up a little if I'm feeling tired.

"We have an open house here, and friends are always popping in, which is brilliant because good friends, like Pamela Flood, who is expecting her first baby, are always over so I have never felt left out if for some reason I can't get out for a girlie night.

"We never set out to have a family of four, although David is one of five, so is more used to the noise level. But we had no idea how much we'd get out of having children until we started," Mary says.