Tuesday 16 January 2018

Teething: The homeopathic option

HOMEOPATHIC remedies can also help when your baby is teething.

According to homeopath Pauline O'Reilly, parents often present to her with teething children.

" Many babies will have one hot red cheek and one pale cold cheek, be very sensitive to pain, be restless and cranky and want to be carried all the time. In homeopathic terms we would say this is the symptom picture of 'Chamomilla'.

"In fact, many parents use this remedy already under the brand name ' Nelsons Teetha' without even knowing that it is Homeopathic Chamomilla 6c!"

One remedy that is useful during teething is Calc Phos, which can be bought in tissue salt form or in a low potency 6c, explains O'Reilly.

" Babies who do well on this remedy tend to be on the lean side; they can develop coughs, colds and diarrohea alongside teething.

"Their teeth are inclined to decay easily as there can be poor food assimilation. Calc Phos encourages healthy dentine formation and helps assimilate calcium," she says.

Calc Carb is another homeopathic remedy that O'Reilly uses quite often with teething babies.

"With these children their teeth take a long time to arrive and, again, they suffer with coughs and colds alongside teething."

She also uses Silica for babies experiencing slow dentition and coughs and colds.

" The difference with babies needing Silica is that they are usually slim, verging on delicate looking, with poor appetites, and they can suffer with ear complaints. Silica will help push the teeth out."

But O'Reilly says it's important to note that whilst these remedies can be very helpful during teething, people must not get into the habit of opting for a dose of Teetha or another chosen remedy with every whimper of their baby.

" If your child does not have the symptom picture of Chamomilla and you give repeated doses you might very well end up with a cranky child with the symptoms of Chamomilla on your hands!"

For more information about homeopathic options for babies and children, contact Pauline on 086 6297708

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