Thursday 14 November 2019

Tales from baby brain land

New mothers share their tales of 'mumnesia' . . .

"GOING out for dinner one Sunday, I packed the baby and the pram, put her in her car seat and drove off leaving my bag on the ground in the car park. It was handed in, though, thank God!"

– Audrey

"I found my iPod in the freezer not so long ago!"

– Susan

"When my water broke, I got out my book 'What to Expect When You're Pregnant'. In my defence, it was seven weeks early!"

– Tina

"I have locked the front door of the house, drove off for a few hours, come home, looked in my handbag for keys – only to find that I left them in the door. I have done this on more than one occasion."

– Ruth

"Several times I have left to drive somewhere only to go completely the wrong way. For example, I've gone on the M4 instead of the M6."

– Aishling

"Plenty of times after both my babies I'd go to make myself a cup of tea and I'd drift off in my head as the kettle was boiling and then find myself scooping formula into the mug. I'd even be counting out the scoops!"

– Madeline

"I had an issue with my bank pin number. I'd keep putting in my phone number, and I'd have to ring my partner to ask what my pin number was!"

– Lisa

"I went to my cousin's wedding in England, the next day I said all my goodbyes, went off on my merry way and my dad had to phone me as I'd forgotten to pay. Morto!"

– Michelle

"I packed the car for the short journey to my mam's – the changing bag, the buggy, the bouncer and so on. Locked up and pulled out, and at the end of my drive I realised the baby was still in the hall in his car seat."

– Louise

"I was making a cup of tea and went to put the tea bag in the bin, but instead poured the cup of tea into the bin and stood there with the tea bag in my hand. There's more – I was in A-wear when my daughter was only a week old and I went to walk out of the shop without her!"

– Audrey

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