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Sweet dreams: Getting your baby to sleep

Getting your little one to sleep can be a hard enough task in itself, but with the right nursery furniture you can create a haven of tranquility – ( almost) guaranteed to send her quickly to the land of nod!

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images
Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

AMONG the many pleasures of having a baby is the chance to transform one of your bedrooms into a nursery. Interior designer Elaine McHale ( www.homeinteriors.ie) says there are certain basics to keep in mind when decorating a young child's nursery or bedroom.

" Children's bedrooms should be stimulating, comfortable and, above all, safe," she says. "And you should also think about how the room will evolve – you don't want to have to redesign it every second year so start off by keeping the colours simple."

McHale says white is a great colour choice for a nursery. " It's easy to freshen up, and you can quickly add accessories in any colour."

You can then add splashes of colour using bright fabrics in simple check or striped fabrics, ( she recommends KA and Laura Ashley for fabrics) and by adding some simple artwork to keep the look contemporary and fresh.

McHale adds that wall-stickers and murals can be customised to suit a specifi c wall and are a very dynamic and fun way of adding interest to the design.


Even at the nursery stage, lots of storage is required as babies' rooms can get cluttered with everything from nappies to toys and clothes, says McHale. "A freestanding bookcase provides invaluable storage for a baby's nappies and toiletries, books, toys and games. It's worth buying a solid bookcase that will see years of use, from the baby stage through to adolescence. Wide– spaced shelves are more practical than narrow ones. Make sure that the bookcase is securely anchored to the wall – many little children use them as climbing frames and could become seriously injured if the bookcase and its contents were to topple over."

Another all-purpose solution is the chest of drawers, she says. " When your child is very young, you can use it as a means of storing nappies and clothes, while the top can be a useful surface for a changing mat. Later on, a chest of drawers can house the bulk of a child's wardrobe. Until children reach school age most of their clothing will not need to be hung up."

From cot to bed

To decide which type of bed to choose, think about whether you want to buy for the short or long term, and consider your other needs.

" Though it's the least expensive option, a toddler bed is a temporary solution. Your child will typically outgrow a toddler bed by the age of five. A better option may be to buy a cot that converts into a toddler bed," says McHale. "Alternatively, you can move the toddler straight from the cot into a full-sized bed/ lower bunk bed with guard rail. This costs more, but could last until your child goes off to college."

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