Saturday 16 December 2017

SOS -- Save Our Sperm Top tips to protect your swimmers

- Go tee-total around three months before trying to conceive (because sperm takes at least that long to develop). Booze can lower testosterone but increase estrogen in the body -- knocking a man's baby-maker out of balance.

- Kick the habit -- smoking can interfere with testosterone levels, reduce blood supply to the testicles and even damage the DNA of sperm. It's also been linked to both impotence and erectile dysfunction.

- Opt for loose-fitting boxers over tighty-whiteys, which could overheat your "boys," affecting sperm count. Likewise, avoid package-squashing skinny jeans and wear a protective cup during contact sports.

- Limit using your laptop actually on your lap -- as well as other sources of extreme heat including saunas and hot tubs.

- Avoid exposure to metals such as lead, radiation and toxic chemicals including some pesticides. Men undergoing chemo or radiation therapy for cancer might want to consider sperm freezing.

Irish Independent

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