Friday 23 March 2018

So what do you think of the 'sagging' trend?

JAMIE FOX (21), Firhouse

“I certainly would wear low-slung jeans and so do most of my friends. However, I wouldn’t wear them halfway down my legs. They shouldn’t be banned though, that’s ridiculous.”

KI E R A N WALSH (26), Slane

“I don’t wear them myself. They wouldn’t feel right and it’s not my thing. They shouldn’t be banned in Florida though — it’s just fashion.”

PH I L I P BOSSONNEY (24), Dublin 7

“I definitely wear lowslung jeans as they’re really comfortable. But I don’t wear jeans that are halfway down my legs. Banning them would be ridiculous.”

RO B I N GHEYS En (23), Dublin 2

“I wear them sometimes, maybe half the time. They’re comfortable as they’re not too tight. It would be foolish to ban them. You should be able to wear what you want.”

BRUNO SORTINO (23), Dublin 6

“I wear them all the time. People are critical though, like my mother and my family, but I don’t care. You should be able to wear anything you want. I don’t think they’re offensive.”

JOHN O’NE I L L (22), Knocklyon

“I don’t wear them myself. I think they look a bit silly and also impractical. If you have to run, you don’t want your trousers to fall down!”

ADAM FARRELL (22), Dublin 16

“I don’t wear my jeans like that but some guys can pull off the look really well. I definitely don’t think they should be banned.”

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