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Shopping trolleys' salmonella link to children

Putting your young child at the front of a supermarket trolley may not be so wise after all.

Each year in Ireland between about 20 and 40 cases of the potentially serious bug salmonella are confirmed in children less than one year of age.

Risk factors include infant formula and riding in shopping trolleys that carry raw meat and poultry.

Other risks are hazards like pet food and contact with pets and animals as well as travel.

It advises:

  • Placing children in shopping trolleys with raw meat and poultry products is not safe practice (even if the meat is double bagged).
  • Parents and other adults must wash their hands thoroughly after touching food and before lifting the infant.
  • Reptiles, snakes or amphibians are not suitable pets for children under five.

Children, the elderly and people who are already ill are much more likely to get a serious infection.

Most clear up in four to seven days but more severe infection may cause excessive diarrhoea, stomach cramps and general health problems.

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