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Savvy savings with Aviva

Instead of all the new year resolutions to give up this and give up that, savvy consumers are taking up the habit of shopping around to switch and save.

For motorists it’s easy to shave a few euro of the cost of motor insurance with Aviva’s Action Plan 2011.

This clever little offer just means you spend 20 minutes with Aviva and you could save up to € 1,000 on your car insurance and health insurance. And you get excellent benefits on car insurance like free roadside rescue.

Aviva’s spokesperson Alan Tyrrell said: “ People are bombarded by new year guilt about giving things up after the holiday season, but most new year’s resolutions dissolve pretty quickly. That’s why we want people to take positive action and start doing something rather than giving something up. And, let’s face it, saving money and getting great value is a pretty good incentive.”

The first step in Aviva’s Action Plan is to take out Aviva car insurance on the basis of insured plus partner; with both cars insured and multi-policy discounts motorists can make savings of up to € 300. On top of that Aviva has savings in its health insurance and its regular savings plans so it’s worthwhile spending 20 minutes to save with an Aviva Action Plan.