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Salty craving? You're having a boy! And other myths. . .

The baby's heartbeat determines the gender

Studies have yet to prove this but some believe that if the heartbeat of the foetus is slow, chances are you're having a boy.

Pregnant women should not sleep on their backs

False, say the experts. Pregnant women should sleep any way that they can, although most prefer to sleep on their left side.

Pre-natal vitamin or not

According to Whitney Pinger, a midwife with 35 years' experience, eating the right foods provides the essential minerals and vitamins a pregnant woman needs, allowing her to skip taking a pre-natal vitamin which can sometimes cause nausea.

Salty means boy; sweet is a girl

A popular myth is if you crave salty foods, you're having a boy. Craving sweet foods indicates a girl is on the way. No craving determines the gender, experts say.

Full moon, more labour

No evidence supports the myth that more full-term women go into labour during a full moon.

Sex induces labour

It may be the last thing you want to do, but having sex at full term is believed to be a natural way of inducing labour. Orgasm can release a hormone called oxytocin which causes the uterus to contract. And semen, which contains prostaglandins, will help soften the cervix.

You can't dye your hair when you're pregnant

There is limited evidence but most medical practitioners say that it is probably safe to dye your hair as very few chemicals are absorbed into your system.

Pregnancy heartburn equals a full head of baby hair

Many women experience heartburn throughout pregnancy, but there is no evidence to support this popular myth. Bald babies have been born to heartburn sufferers too.

Having sex will hurt the baby

Rubbish, say the experts. Intercourse cannot reach, touch or harm the baby. The only exception is if your medical practitioner has told you to abstain from sex because of a complication.

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