Monday 23 October 2017

Returning to work 'not harmful for baby'

Heidi Blake in Los Angeles

MOTHERS who return to work just months after giving birth do not put their baby's wellbeing at risk, a study has found.

Academics who assessed the impact of a mother going back to work on a child's development found that the positive consequences cancelled out the negatives.

While mothers who went back to work full-time within a year of giving birth did not do any damage, the outcomes for children were most positive when their mothers worked part-time.

Previous research had suggested that mothers who return to work put their children at risk of ill effects. However, the academics behind the study, at Columbia University in America, said their work was the first to examine all the consequences of a mother returning to work.

Though babies suffered some ill effects when mothers returned to work within a year, the researchers found that the net effect on their development was neutral. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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