Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Priya can sit up, loves to wave and claps her hands along to music'

Jane and Priya Edgeworth

Jane and Priya
Jane and Priya
Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

JANE Edgeworth (32) is from Raheny, Dublin, and is married to Francis Edgeworth. She has two children, Hayden (2) and Priya (nine months). She works as a part-time beauty therapist and consultant for Elizabeth Arden.

Priya's development: "Priya has undergone a lot of developmental changes this past month. She can now sit up unaided, loves to wave, and claps her hands along to whatever Hayden's latest craze is on the iPod.

"Also this month, much to my delight, she has started to say 'Mama'."

Schools and education: "Thanks to my parents, and my uncle, who is a Vincentian priest, religion was a very big part of my life growing up. Fran and I both attended Roman Catholic schools, and we hold our faith very close to our heart, so it's important to us to raise our children in the same way.

"However, Fran feels that a single-sex school would be more appropriate for Priya, for fear she may become distracted in her studies if mixing with the opposite sex – a notion that perhaps may be coming from a slightly overprotective father!

"I, on the other hand, feel that it may be quite unnatural these days to divide children according to gender, and if Priya is always in a mixed class, she will know no different.

"My feelings on this may be influenced by attending a single-sex school myself, as the thought of mixing with boys, when it was time to go to college, completely terrified me."

Classes: "I haven't brought Priya to any classes yet, but started to attend Gymboree classes with Hayden when he was seven months old.

"Gymboree is a developmental class through music and movement, and he absolutely loved it, so I intend to do the same with Priya.

"I can already see her love for music develop, and she always drifts off to sleep at night to lullabies."

Advice: "Our online baby bump group has been completely invaluable to me, as there is always someone there to give you support and advice.

"I'm also very lucky to have a close relationship with my mum, Jean, who has given me so much support and guidance, but is also willing to let me find my own way in motherhood.

"I think the best thing to do when becoming a new mum is to take any given advice on board, and then decide what's best for your child and your family."

Worries: "I now understand what women meant when saying you never stop worrying after you become a mother.

"Along with the usual anxieties over having a daughter – such as will she be confident within herself and what kind of friends will she have – I think my biggest concern for Priya growing up is will she be safe?

"We are extremely lucky with the quiet cul de sac we live in, but the days where your children could play outside for hours and always be under the watchful eyes of a nearby parent are gone. I know I will relax a bit in time with our children playing outside, but this is something I'll always be extra conscious of and anxious about."

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